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No one turned away for lack of funds. Stop by the shop or email us! See below for class descriptions and registration information.

Upcoming schedule:

Autumn Scorpacciata w/ Julie Meola

Friday, Dec 2 at 6pm

Fairly recently, while sitting down to the dinner table with a local chef friend, Julie, the introduction to this term and the feast of scorpacciata began. Julie spent most of her cooking career in San Diego and grew up in Ashtabula, Oh. Having moved back to NE Ohio, she now shares her talents and taste with the locals. The essence of the word – to eat locally, abundantly and in season resonates with the soul and taste buds. In fact, many would argue that nothing tastes better than an Ohio tomato fresh off the vine!

This evening, Julie will be demonstrating how to use, cook and eat from this locally-grown, abundant and delicious food!

$20.00 per person

Meaningful Gifts with Chris of Copper Leaf Studio

Saturday, Dec 3 at 5pm

Join us with Chris of Copper Leaf Studios on Saturday, December 3rd.

Everyone wants to give meaningful gifts for the holidays, but what exactly does that mean? What makes a gift meaningful, anyway? This class will include brainstorming and hands-on activities to help you find meaningful gifts- even for those hard-to-buy-for people on your list. 

The Art and Essence of Mulled Wine w/Jill

Join us with local herbalist, Jill of Nature’s Bundle in Conneaut.

An interactive class learning to make mulled wine.

Goal Setting and Mimosas w/ Chris of Copper Leaf Studio

Join us with Chris of Copper Leaf Studio!

Start the New Year right with this goal setting class! You’ll be guided through a series of activities to set your intentions for the year all while sipping mimosas among friends.


Bree & Me – Booksigning


Local author, Camille Licate, and her friend, the rescue rooster, Bree, will be joining us for a book signing! Books will be available, too!

Healing Tastes: Sour & Salty w/ Leah of Trillium Center

Thursday, November 17 at 6pm – postponed until later date

Join herbalist and health educator, Leah Wolfe, MPH, for an evening exploring the healing aspects of taste. Taste is a practical way to categorize and use herbs for healing purposes. Leah will talk about the Folk Appalachian four taste system and the ancient European system that it evolved from. Learning about tastes will help you choose the herbs that are right for you whether you are in the kitchen or the apothecary. Learn more about Leah’s education and experience, and philosophy.

Class includes one personalized herbal elixir to take home. Herbal Elixir Kits will be available after the class: kit includes, prep jar, herbs and spices, and 3 amber bottles for your final product. All you have to do is add the liquid of your choice. Commercially prepared elixirs can cost $15+ each. The kit makes 3 for $15. Herbal elixirs make excellent seasonal gifts! Send an email to if you would like an Herbal Elixir Kits.

Class fee: $25.

Register early! Space is limited. See less

How to make aloe vera gel w/ Meadow – Youth Class


Local high schooler, Meadow, is back! This time she will teach us how to use the awesome and functional household plant, aloe vera.

Suggested, donation, material fee $5.00. All are welcome!

Fun with Hazelnuts w/ Kareen of Newcomb Nut Farm

Sunday, Dec 11 at 4pm

Come be inspired by all of the delicious creations one can make by adding locally-grown hazelnuts! Kareen, co-owner of Newcomb Nut Farm, will indulge our senses with hazelnuts! Excelling in treats, Kareen will also give some secrets on making hazelnut oil!

Previous Classes:

Making mushroom risotto (w/spelt berries) w/ Chef Roger Clatterbuck

Saturday, November 19th at 6pm

Chef Clatterbuck is back to have some fun making a mess in the kitchen while demonstrating and discussing the foraged mushroom, locally grown mushrooms and Ohio-grown spelt berry risotto with local goat cheese!


Knife Handling w/ Chef Clatterbuck

Thursday, November 10 at 5pm

Chef Roger Clatterbuck (you will remember he is the chef who cooked up the omlettes for our fundraiser for Home Safe a few months ago).

Chef Clatterbuck will discuss knife decision making, demonstrate proper knife handling, and students will get hands-on experience while we make a group dish to share.

Cost $20.00 per person

Sundays at Noon during Ashtabula Farmers’ Market

Weekly Cooking Demos during the Ashtabula Farmers’ Market on Bridge Street

Come down to the Harbor, bring your reusable bags, fill up on the bounty of the Ashtabula Market. There are actually 8 Farmers’ Markets in Ashtabula County…fill up on local, delicious, gorgeous food from your local producer! Not only does it taste better, there is more nutritional value, you keep money in the community and you can have some fun while supporting your neighbors. It takes a team!

Stop by the shop and get some ideas how to use what is available at the moment. (example on the left of garlic scape pesto we made 6.5.22) Stop by any Sunday at noon for some inspired cooking. Bring your favorite recipe to share! Free!

Gardening Indoors for Winter w/ Meadow (Youth Class)

Saturday, October 15 at 4pm

Come down to the shop, yes, you may bring your parents, and learn some indoor gardening techniques. Meadow runs the gardening program at her high school in Huntsburg, OH.

This is a free event.

Healing Tastes: Bitter & Sweet w/ Leah

Friday, October 14th at 6pm

The heart of a craving often resides in deficiencies, but the foods we choose don’t always alleviate the problem. Cravings can be signals that your body needs nourishment of a certain kind. If you crave chocolate, you might need magnesium. But chocolate isn’t the best source of magnesium, but your brain signals say “mmm… chocolate.” Or maybe you crave salt, “mmm… salt.” What exactly is your brain trying to say? Researchers are still trying to understand the exact pathways the brain uses to experience taste, but we know a lot about how taste affects the brain, and where the heart of cravings resides.

Join herbalist and health educator, Leah Wolfe, MPH, for an evening exploring the healing aspects of taste. Taste is a practical way to categorize and use herbs for healing purposes. Leah will talk about the Folk Appalachian four taste system and the ancient European system that it evolved from. Learning about tastes will help you choose the herbs that are right for you whether you are in the kitchen or the apothecary. Learn more about Leah’s education and experience, and philosophy.

Class includes one personalized herbal elixir to take home. Herbal Elixir Kits will be available after the class: kit includes, prep jar, herbs and spices, and 3 amber bottles for your final product. All you have to do is add the liquid of your choice. Commercially prepared elixirs can cost $15+ each. The kit makes 3 for $15. Herbal elixirs make excellent seasonal gifts! Send an email to if you would like an Herbal Elixir Kits.

Class fee: $25.

Register early! Space is limited.

Making Fermented Chili Pepper Sauce w/ Kelly

Thursday, October 20 at 5pm

Making Fermented Hot Sauce
In this workshop participants will assemble their own lacto-fermented hot sauce using hot peppers, onions, garlic and other optional fruits, veggies, herbs and/or spices such as carrots, apples, peaches, cilantro, celery leaves, cumin, coriander, allspice, etc. Lacto-fermentation uses a saltwater brine and optional whey addition plus time to create a probiotic rich and tangy final product. Participants will take home a quart jar of ingredients ready to place on the counter to ferment for a period before blending up and bottling. While materials will be supplied, participants are encouraged to bring some of their own ingredients to personalize their hot sauce.
Kelly Clark, More Than A Farm, Kelly’s Working Well Farm

Reeds & Roots Skillshare – All Day! Free!

Learn multicultural skills for earth-friendly living! Mushroom ID, fiber arts, cob building, appropriate technologies, herbalism, and more!

Join us in Ashtabula County for a full day of FREE earth skills workshops!! (Donations appreciated)
Camping Friday and/or Saturday nights (On or Off site)


Workshops from last years event included:

Wild Mushroom ID – Beginning Hand Spinning – Intro to Fly Tying: Tying Your First Fly – How to Make Salves, Ointments, and Balms – Uncle Mud Presents: Building with Local Natural Materials – Cooperation during crisis – Mythical Mushrooms: The Legends and Lore from the Forest Floor – Night Skies – Using Herbs and Plants from Your Yard – Present Minded Conveyer of Emotion Through Movement – Urban Permaculture: Fitting the Most in Small Spaces – Minimal Waste Cooking – Making Cordage With Plant Fibers – Useful Trees, Shrubs, and Vines – Moving Heavy Things Breathing Break! – The Power of Poo…and Showers, Too! 

Come for one session or stay the whole day! Lunch available for purchase or bring a picnic and potluck for dinner! Music by Picklemilk and drum circle, too!

At Blakeslee Cabin in Ashtabula

How to make sauerkraut with Debbie Senger

It is just about cabbage season and you know what that means! It is time to learn to make sauerkraut. Debbie will give instructions, have some samples and give you the confidence and inspiration to try fermenting at home!

Take home included!

Register online, in-person at shop or on website:

Making herbal infusions and salve with Stacy Bryan

Learn to make a salve and herbal infusion with Conneaut-local, Stacy Bryan of As Nature Intended.

$20.00 with take-home included.

Autumn Scorpacciata with Julie Meola

What is in season and what is locally available in an abundant feast to be shared!

Julie is back to demonstrate some local food with an international cooking prowess!


Canning with Bill and Yvette Clark – Thursday, Sept 8th at 4pm

Have a bunch of produce and want to preserve it? Have some knowledge of canning with grandma and want to start your own? Want to prepare for an unknown future of food? Want to have some fun with your neighbors? Join us with our favorite plumber, Bill Clark….a man with many talents!

This class is back by popular demand – with an inspired interest in food security!


ALL CANNING PRODUCTS 10% off the day of class! We have jars, lids, pressure canners, water bath canners and more!

Youth Program – Growing your late-summer garden; herbs for Thanksgiving with Meadow

Monday, August 29, 2022 at 4pm

Join returning instructor, Meadow, with an engaging discussion and demonstration on planting your late-summer garden…it’s not too late – in fact, you are just in time! Class is designed for youth (and, if they want, their parents)!

Friday, August 26th at 6pm Sweet Heat II with Sarah and Mary

With so many types of chili peppers it stands to reason that a full class is necessary to celebrate the local color and flavor. There will be demonstrations on cooking, fermenting, searing and, of course, sampling the many varieties and flavors!

Omlette demo with Chef Roger Clatterbuck (fundraiser for Home Safe in Ashtabula)

Chef Roger Clatterbuck will be demonstrating omlette making while using items from the Harbor Gardens General Store and Garden and items from the local Farmers’ Markets. Some items:
Omlette station – garden bounty and fresh, local eggs
Eggs any style – garden bounty and fresh, local eggs
Ohio-grown, organic corn grits by Mud Run Farms – with local chanterelles or king trumpet or pink oyster mushroom gravy (TBD)
Chips and some black bean salsa – Chips and black beans by Shagbark Mill in Ohio – salsa by Chef Clatterbuck using all local ingredients!
Buckwheat blinis with Mackenzie Farms goat cheese and local blackberry with rhubarb jam.

This is a donation-based event ($5 to $20 recommended) – all proceeds to HomeSafe in Ashtabula

Registration encouraged

Scorpacciata with Julie Meola!

Friday, Aug 12 at 6pm

Join local chef, Julie Meola, in a feast of local bounty! Julie will demonstrate how to utilize what is available at the farmers’ market that day!

Meet the Local Author Night with Eric Armstrong Friday, Aug 5 at 6pm

Join us as we meet up with local author (of Gazette fame), Eric Armstrong. Eric will give us a little insight into his history, story and process. Eric will be available for questions, signing and singing afterward. This is a free event.

Homesteading 101 with John of Red Beet Row Friday, July 29th at 6pm

John Wright, of Red Beet Row in Jefferson, will give insight into creating your own community and homestead. More details to come!

Farm Tour and Plant Walk with Sarah Brower Saturday, July 16 at 1pm

Start at Harbor Gardens and walk the neighborhood to Harbor Gardens Urban Food Forest. Learn about what is growing around you, try some tasty bites of food grown locally and seasonally harvested, get your walk on!

About Sarah:
Sarah’s education is in the sciences. She has worked for a non-profit laboratory that analyzed volunteer-collected samples to monitor the health of local streams and Cayuga Lake in western New York state. She has also worked at the Holden Arboretum in Kirtland, Ohio, performing conservation work related to forest health and management. Recently, She left a job as an ecological consultant helping clients obtain Clean Water Act permits in order to pursue sustainable food production for subsistence, and hopefully in the future, for local markets. Upon moving to Ashtabula, Ohio, she joined a small, grass-roots group called the Ashtabula Local Food Council that works to promote local food by building connections between farmers and consumers, promoting local farms, educating area residents about local food, educating farmers about sustainable practices, and making local food more accessible.

Fridays: June 14, July 19, Aug 15

“Wild and Weedy: Exploring the Local Terroir” with Leah Wolfe of The Trillium Center. Terroir is the combination of earth, water, air, and light that imparts the unique local flavors of regional food, wine, and herbs. Plants can vary widely in taste and texture depending on where they are grown.

Join herbalist Leah Wolfe and explore what the local wild and weedy plants have to offer for the table and the medicine cabinet. You are invited to bring samples of weeds and wild plants that have piqued your curiosity.

In June, Leah demonstrated how to make a sugar, gluten, and alcohol free elixir with rose petals. Check our past posts for a video and photo of the results.

Friday, July 15
In July, Leah will demonstrate how to make refreshing cold infusions and simple syrups for herbal mocktails (or cocktails). You will make an herbal tea blend to take home and enjoy during hot summer days and nights. $20

Friday, Aug 19
In August, Leah will demonstrate how to infuse a high quality olive oil with aromatic plants. Infused oils can be used for food or for the skin. You will be start your own personalized infused oil with instructions on how to finish it at home. $20

Grape Leaf Stuffing with Kathy!

We missed the window for soft grape leaves….check back next spring!

Monday, June 13th – Beginning: Knitting Basics with Mary

Mary will have all of the knitting gear for folks to try out. Then, if you are interested in continuing, we will continue to hold classes and you may want to get some of your own materials.

I grew up in Ashtabula.  I am a retired accountant since last mid July.  None of my family is still residing but I have spoken to people who remember our family.

Mary began knitting with her Nanny when she was in grade school.  Nanny was really good and she learned a lot from her.  Nanny also showed Mary to crochet, which is good for afghans (blankets).

Get ready for winter by learning to knit a scarf or a hat!

No one turned away for lack of funds!

Ashtabula County PRIDE 2022!

Join us for a full day of fun at Ashtabula County Pride Festival on Saturday, June 11th from 11-6pm!

Fun, family celebration and entertainment, food and more. Over 110 vendors and many interactive engagements to be experienced!

Jefferson County Fair Grounds. Free fun for all!

Monday, June 6th: How to Make Kombucha with Gallo

Love Kombucha? Heard about Kombucha and have been wanting to try it? Come and join us for some fun at Harbor Gardens while we wade through the mystique of Kombucha, learn how to make it and go home with a new mother!

There is nothing more fun than sharing the joy of learning something new and being afforded the opportunity to share. Healthy, tasty and fun.

Cost is $20.00 and you get to take home a mother (please bring a glass container). Or, you may pick up a starter kit on the day of class for $10.00 (this includes a gallon glass jar).

Friday, May 27th at 6pm: Local Author Night with Dr. Shanon Sterringer

Dr and Reverend Shanon Sterringer will be reading from her powerful, “Forbidden Grace.”

This is an opportunity to connect and discuss this important and passionate work with the author!

This is a free event. The author would be happy to sign copies at event. 6pm

Road Map to Local Food with Julie Wayman Thursday, May 26 at 5pm

Join us for this interactive program from OSU Extension Educator, Julie Wayman. Class participants will learn about the farms in Ashtabula County, where to find farmers’ markets & how to buy local food on a budget. All attendees will receive a free copy of the Ashtabula County Local Food Guide and will have the opportunity to create their own Roadmap to Local Food. Free event.

Friday, May 13 at 6pm Meet the Author Series: Donna Devadoss

Donna Devadoss will be reading from her book, “Who Lives in the Apple Tree Guild: A Look Inside the Permaculture Orchard.”

A lively question and answer session will follow. Donna, an herbalist, nurse and caretaker of the earth, will be available for book signing.

This is Gallo’s favorite book of 2021!

Monday, May 9 Using those Dandelions with Gallo

For the novice, how to make use of the “weeds” in your back yard! We will have fun discussing the many uses of dandelions and basic fermenting.

Cost of $20.00 includes skills, knowledge, tasting and yeast for making some at home!

Class size limited to 6.

Saturday, April 23 at ACPL 11-2pm

Seed swap and inspiration for the new growing season! Join us and some friends at the Ashtabula County Public Library. This is a free event!

Thursday, May 19th at 6pm Beans & Greens with Julie Meola

The demonstration kitchen is now open and we will have fun with food with Julie! This time this celebrated chef will show us what to do with local greens at this time and make up some organic beans and corn bread (grown in Ohio, of course).

$20.00 class fee – tastings included! Meet at 6p

Saturday, May 7th : Food Forest Fundraiser Noon-6pm (drawing at 5pm)

Join us to help raise money for the Dorset Community Food Forest project. Doors open at 10 a.m. for Auction Tickets and 50/50 Raffle tickets. Winner need not be present to win. Dinner served from 12 noon until 6 p.m.

Tickets-$13 adults $6 age 12 and under. On the menu: Sausage, Cabbage & Noodles, Perogies, Drink & Dessert.

Live old-timey music by Sarah and Joel!

Friday, May 20 at 6pm: Local Author Night with Dr. Nancy Rung

Engage in story telling after Nancy reads from her book, “Footprints from a Cross-Eyed Monkey.”

Dr. Rung will be signing copies of her book as well as creating a room of laughter and good-spirited fun.

This is a free event.

Saturday, May 21st: Plant Walk and Early Edibles with John of Red Beet Row

John Wright of Red Beet Row, a local agroecology educational farm, will engage you – the walker – in a delightful jaunt around Ashtabula Harbor and identify many of the local spring splendor! On return, revel in some tastings of local edibles!

$20.00 class fee – tastings and walking included!
Meet at Harbor Gardens at 1pm.

Limited to 10 people

Tickets $20.00 each

Friday, 12.10.21 – Greens! What’s Growing in the Harbor Gardens Right Now with Sarah Brower

A Sarah Bouquet – garden greens late November 2021

Greens! Not just for the holidays…but in abundance in Ashtabula this time of year! This is a cooking demonstration, tasting and fun in the Historic Ashtabula Harbor. Join us for some guided demos and sharing of knowledge and treats that involve the delicious, nutritious and abundant greens of the Harbor Gardens Urban Food Forest. Sarah will be leading the way…Sarah is a master gardener, microbiologist and violinist who loves to share her passion of the garden.

Class is $20.00 – Bring your own Red to go with our Greens! Register Here!

Wednesday, 12.08.21 – Healthy and Homecooked with Julie Meola

Julie Meola, a celebrated cook and caterer in San Diego (but from Ashtabula) will demonstrate some delicious and healthy options for this winter season focusing on locally produced cheese and garden vegetables. Smells and tastes so goooooood!

This is an in-person event with very limited seating. Covid guidelines will be followed to ensure a safe environment for all.

First up: tomato bisque shooters with toasted cheese sammie bites!

Class is $25.00 Register here

From Barbara’s Tree

Friday, 8.20.21 – Sweet Heat A world tour of cooking and preserving chili peppers grown locally in an urban food forest. Ashtabula, translated loosely from Native Americans, means enough fish for all. In this class – we share peppers! Learn the origin and history of chili peppers, the science behind the nutrition and health benefits and see several cooking and preservation techniques: blistering, pickling, drying and hot saucing. Sample tasty morsels and take home a pepper ristra (dried pepper arrangement). $25.00 per person. Register here for this limited-to-8 class.

Thursday, August 19th – 7pm – in the kitchen with Nancy Gottron of UPScale Eats in Hartsgrove. This will be an Ashtabula Grows! presentation, free, and on Zoom. Register here.

Dehydration techniques with Nancy

Thursday, August 26th – fermenting with Rose Geronimo at Harbor Gardens, in person 6pm. Rose will teach us how to make kefir! This will be an Ashtabula Grows! production, in-person, free and at Harbor Gardens. Register here.

Will Reschedule This Class – Thursday, September 16th – canning with Cathy Westcott of Hospice of the Western Reserve at Harbor Gardens, an Ashtabula Grows! presentation, in person, 6pm and free! Register here.

Thursday, September 23rd – Garden Tour with Rose Geronimo in Cherry Valley! (she mentioned a hay ride, too) 6pm, Ashtabula Grows! garden tour – last of the season, 6pm, in-person, Cherry Valley. Register here.

Saturday, Sept 18 at 6pm – Sweet Heat – Chili Pepper Tour. Learn the origin and history of chili peppers, the science behind the nutrition and health benefits and see several cooking and preservation techniques: blistering, pickling, drying and hot saucing. Sample tasty morsels and take home a pepper ristra (dried pepper arrangement). This experience will be limited to 8 and will be hosted in the Ashtabula Harbor district a few blocks away from our urban farm/garden. Register and pay here. $25.00

Sunday, Sept 18 from 11 – 2pm – Open House at Harbor Gardens with Old Timey Music Jam. Register here – this is a free event…stop in after visiting the Ashtabula Farmer’s Market!

Friday, Sept 24 at 6pm – Cooking with Herbs with local chef, Nancy Gottron. Want to learn how to enhance everything you eat? Add fresh herbs! Nancy will be giving us a demonstration, we will have an opportunity to taste test and take home an herb blend! Register and pay here. $25.00

Mondays, once-a-month Meatless Mondays, Sept 27 at 6pm – free event – learn how to substitute with another protein. We will have a cooking demonstration followed by a potluck event – bring something to share! Register Here. This is a free event and in collaboration with Pastor John Werner!

Wednesday, Oct 6th at 6pm – Making Kombucha with Gallo. Take home a mother! Register and pay here. $20.00 (starter kits; which include a one-gallon glass jar, lid, cloth, rubber band, will be available – please bring $10.00 to class. Otherwise, bring your own glass jar!).

Tuesday, Oct 12th at 6pm – Autumn Squash with local chef, Nancy Gottron – just in time for fall harvest. This will be a blast – so many delicious options – and such a bounty! Register and pay here. $25.00. Go home with a plenty of inspiration, ideas and a full belly!

Wednesday, 11.10.21 – Holiday Cheer from the Farm – Appetizers with Julie Meola

Come and be inspired – just in time for holiday prep and a moment to indulge your own epicurean inquisitiveness! Julie Meola will be demonstrating the beauty and bounty of autumn with a focus on maple syrup – in collaboration with Bissell Farm. Tasty and timely.

Some items to be demonstrated: roasted brussel sprouts with a maple vinaigrette, butternut squash bruschetta with maple pecan chutney…and more!

This event will be limited to eight guests. Get your tickets here:

Harbor Gardens is a demonstration kitchen in Ashtabula Harbor. Folks come to enjoy, learn a new skill or technique or just try something different. Our focus is on local food… where tasting, of course, is included!

Julie Meola is an Ashtabula native who has been serving up culinary delights for several decades in San Diego, California. We are excited to have her share some of her knowledge, know-how and passion for local food!