Classes and Events:

Saturday, April 23 at ACPL 11-2pm

Seed swap and inspiration for the new growing season! Join us and some friends at the Ashtabula County Public Library. This is a free event!

Saturday, May 7th : Food Forest Fundraiser Noon-6pm (drawing at 5pm)

Join us to help raise money for the Dorset Community Food Forest project. Doors open at 10 a.m. for Auction Tickets and 50/50 Raffle tickets. Winner need not be present to win. Dinner served from 12 noon until 6 p.m.

Tickets-$13 adults $6 age 12 and under. On the menu: Sausage, Cabbage & Noodles, Perogies, Drink & Dessert.

Live old-timey music by Sarah and Joel!

Monday, June 6 Making Dandelion Wine with Gallo

For the novice, how to make use of the “weeds” in your back yard! We will have fun discussing the many uses of dandelions and basic fermenting.

Cost of $20.00 includes skills, knowledge, tasting and yeast for making some at home! Must be 21 years or older.

Class size limited to 6.

Friday, May 13 at 6pm Meet the Author Series: Donna Devadoss

Donna Devadoss will be reading from her book, “Who Lives in the Apple Tree Guild: A Look Inside the Permaculture Orchard.”

A lively question and answer session will follow. Donna, an herbalist, nurse and caretaker of the earth, will be available for book signing.

This is Gallo’s favorite book of 2021!

Thursday, May 19th at 6pm Beans & Greens with Julie Meola

The demonstration kitchen is now open and we will have fun with food with Julie! This time this celebrated chef will show us what to do with local greens at this time and make up some organic beans and corn bread (grown in Ohio, of course).

$20.00 class fee – tastings included! Meet at 6p

Friday, May 20 at 6pm: Local Author Night with Dr. Nancy Rung

Engage in story telling after Nancy reads from her book, “Footprints from a Cross-Eyed Monkey.”

Dr. Rung will be signing copies of her book as well as creating a room of laughter and good-spirited fun.

This is a free event.

Saturday, May 21st: Plant Walk and Early Edibles with John of Red Beet Row

John Wright of Red Beet Row, a local agroecology educational farm, will engage you – the walker – in a delightful jaunt around Ashtabula Harbor and identify many of the local spring splendor! On return, revel in some tastings of local edibles!

$20.00 class fee – tastings and walking included!
Meet at Harbor Gardens at 1pm.

Limited to 10 people

Tickets $20.00 each

Road Map to Local Food with Julie Wayman Thursday, May 26 at 5pm

Join us for this interactive program from OSU Extension Educator, Julie Wayman. Class participants will learn about the farms in Ashtabula County, where to find farmers’ markets & how to buy local food on a budget. All attendees will receive a free copy of the Ashtabula County Local Food Guide and will have the opportunity to create their own Roadmap to Local Food. Free event.

Friday, May 27th at 6pm: Local Author Night with Dr. Shanon Sterringer

Dr and Reverend Shanon Sterringer will be reading from her powerful, “Forbidden Grace.”

This is an opportunity to connect and discuss this important and passionate work with the author!

This is a free event. The author would be happy to sign copies at event. 6pm

Monday, June 6th: How to Make Kombucha with Gallo

Love Kombucha? Heard about Kombucha and have been wanting to try it? Come and join us for some fun at Harbor Gardens while we wade through the mystique of Kombucha, learn how to make it and go home with a new mother!

There is nothing more fun than sharing the joy of learning something new and being afforded the opportunity to share. Healthy, tasty and fun.

Cost is $20.00 and you get to take home a mother (please bring a glass container). Or, you may pick up a starter kit on the day of class for $10.00 (this includes a gallon glass jar).

Previous Classes:

Friday, 12.10.21 – Greens! What’s Growing in the Harbor Gardens Right Now with Sarah Brower

A Sarah Bouquet – garden greens late November 2021

Greens! Not just for the holidays…but in abundance in Ashtabula this time of year! This is a cooking demonstration, tasting and fun in the Historic Ashtabula Harbor. Join us for some guided demos and sharing of knowledge and treats that involve the delicious, nutritious and abundant greens of the Harbor Gardens Urban Food Forest. Sarah will be leading the way…Sarah is a master gardener, microbiologist and violinist who loves to share her passion of the garden.

Class is $20.00 – Bring your own Red to go with our Greens! Register Here!

Wednesday, 12.08.21 – Healthy and Homecooked with Julie Meola

Julie Meola, a celebrated cook and caterer in San Diego (but from Ashtabula) will demonstrate some delicious and healthy options for this winter season focusing on locally produced cheese and garden vegetables. Smells and tastes so goooooood!

This is an in-person event with very limited seating. Covid guidelines will be followed to ensure a safe environment for all.

First up: tomato bisque shooters with toasted cheese sammie bites!

Class is $25.00 Register here

Julie with a host of fresh watermelon radish Dec 2021 and local Havarti from Mayfield Creamery
From Barbara’s Tree

Friday, 8.20.21 – Sweet Heat A world tour of cooking and preserving chili peppers grown locally in an urban food forest. Ashtabula, translated loosely from Native Americans, means enough fish for all. In this class – we share peppers! Learn the origin and history of chili peppers, the science behind the nutrition and health benefits and see several cooking and preservation techniques: blistering, pickling, drying and hot saucing. Sample tasty morsels and take home a pepper ristra (dried pepper arrangement). $25.00 per person. Register here for this limited-to-8 class.

Thursday, August 19th – 7pm – in the kitchen with Nancy Gottron of UPScale Eats in Hartsgrove. This will be an Ashtabula Grows! presentation, free, and on Zoom. Register here.

Dehydration techniques with Nancy

Thursday, August 26th – fermenting with Rose Geronimo at Harbor Gardens, in person 6pm. Rose will teach us how to make kefir! This will be an Ashtabula Grows! production, in-person, free and at Harbor Gardens. Register here.

Will Reschedule This Class – Thursday, September 16th – canning with Cathy Westcott of Hospice of the Western Reserve at Harbor Gardens, an Ashtabula Grows! presentation, in person, 6pm and free! Register here.

Thursday, September 23rd – Garden Tour with Rose Geronimo in Cherry Valley! (she mentioned a hay ride, too) 6pm, Ashtabula Grows! garden tour – last of the season, 6pm, in-person, Cherry Valley. Register here.

Saturday, Sept 18 at 6pm – Sweet Heat – Chili Pepper Tour. Learn the origin and history of chili peppers, the science behind the nutrition and health benefits and see several cooking and preservation techniques: blistering, pickling, drying and hot saucing. Sample tasty morsels and take home a pepper ristra (dried pepper arrangement). This experience will be limited to 8 and will be hosted in the Ashtabula Harbor district a few blocks away from our urban farm/garden. Register and pay here. $25.00

Sunday, Sept 18 from 11 – 2pm – Open House at Harbor Gardens with Old Timey Music Jam. Register here – this is a free event…stop in after visiting the Ashtabula Farmer’s Market!

Friday, Sept 24 at 6pm – Cooking with Herbs with local chef, Nancy Gottron. Want to learn how to enhance everything you eat? Add fresh herbs! Nancy will be giving us a demonstration, we will have an opportunity to taste test and take home an herb blend! Register and pay here. $25.00

Mondays, once-a-month Meatless Mondays, Sept 27 at 6pm – free event – learn how to substitute with another protein. We will have a cooking demonstration followed by a potluck event – bring something to share! Register Here. This is a free event and in collaboration with Pastor John Werner!

Wednesday, Oct 6th at 6pm – Making Kombucha with Gallo. Take home a mother! Register and pay here. $20.00 (starter kits; which include a one-gallon glass jar, lid, cloth, rubber band, will be available – please bring $10.00 to class. Otherwise, bring your own glass jar!).

Tuesday, Oct 12th at 6pm – Autumn Squash with local chef, Nancy Gottron – just in time for fall harvest. This will be a blast – so many delicious options – and such a bounty! Register and pay here. $25.00. Go home with a plenty of inspiration, ideas and a full belly!

Wednesday, 11.10.21 – Holiday Cheer from the Farm – Appetizers with Julie Meola

Come and be inspired – just in time for holiday prep and a moment to indulge your own epicurean inquisitiveness! Julie Meola will be demonstrating the beauty and bounty of autumn with a focus on maple syrup – in collaboration with Bissell Farm. Tasty and timely.

Some items to be demonstrated: roasted brussel sprouts with a maple vinaigrette, butternut squash bruschetta with maple pecan chutney…and more!

This event will be limited to eight guests. Get your tickets here:

Harbor Gardens is a demonstration kitchen in Ashtabula Harbor. Folks come to enjoy, learn a new skill or technique or just try something different. Our focus is on local food… where tasting, of course, is included!

Julie Meola is an Ashtabula native who has been serving up culinary delights for several decades in San Diego, California. We are excited to have her share some of her knowledge, know-how and passion for local food!